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Monday's GAME OF THRONES Recap - This Post is Dark and Full of Spoilers


Last night's GOT was naturally a slower pace than the "Battle of Winterfell.". The entire season (in my humble opinion) has felt choppy. It's probably the result of trying to tie up WAY too many character arcs in a short season. Last night we bid farewell to several important characters. Some by choice, some by enormous crossbow of death.

First extremely important thing: GHOST survived the Battle of Winterfell, albeit a little worse for the wear. In a heartbreaking moment, Jon sent him north to live with the Freefolk AND DID NOT EVEN PET HIM GOODBYE. He is a good boy Jon Snow!

Now that Jorah has gone to the great friend-zone in the sky, it was time for Gendry to assume the mantle of "king of the friend-zone" when he proposed to Arya

Arya's got bigger fish to fry. There's 2 episodes left and she's headed south with The Hound and a lot of names on her list.

The secret of Jon's lineage isn't much of a secret now He told a friend, they told a friend, and....

Two other long-running favorite met their ends last night...

Missandei was captured following the fleet ambush and eventually had her head lopped off by Zombie Mountain during the stand-off at the city walls

And Rhaegel, who was just out here trying to live a dragon's best life. Which leads me to the most annoying thing right now about GOT. Dany, you know they've got these big-ole' crossbows... maybe you could fly...up higher...or behind them...or get some dragon-armor... i dunno'. You're up there 1000 feet in the sky, keep a lookout for the LARGE FLEET OF BOATS WITH CROSSBOWS. Dany's about to screw up a 3 dragon lead.

2 episodes left.... Hopefully a lot of these loose plot ends are tied up and we don't end up with another situation like WINTER IS COMING (poof) OK EVERYTHING IS FINE NOW.

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