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REACTION: Game of Thrones #TheLastWar Leaves Us Hanging


Can you believe next week is the end of Game of Thrones? We've watched those little dragons grow from adorable little eggs into fire-breathing death-machines that can rain fire from the sky and lay waste to entire cities (Sorry, King's Landing).

First BIG question - Do you think Jamie and Cersei really died? I'm saying NO, because that seemed a little too simple. I feel like they still have a part to play in the final episode next week. But, I might be wrong.

The uneven final season featured it's second major battle and several notable deaths.

Pour one out for Varys, who was always the most-interesting character on-screen. He knew his time had come when he heard the footsteps in the hallway. I'll miss the conversations between him and Tyrion. They always gave depth to the inner-workings of the politics in the Seven Kingdoms. Getting sold out by Tyrion is a heck of a way to go.

Once we arrived at King's Landing, we saw a return to the uneven storytelling that has plagued the final GOT season.

1). Last week "Really big crossbows" were a game-changing weapon that could level the playing field against dragon attacks. This week...LOL. Dany and Drogon charged directly into them without so much as a scratch, laying waste to the Iron Fleet and the walls around King's Landing. Why build up this super-weapon if they're useless? Apparently all she had to do was "attack from the opposite side of the wall" and this world-beating super weapon became useless cannon fodder for #Dracarys

2). The Iron Fleet had shifted the tide of several battles with sneak attacks and ambushes. We saw them on screen for maybe 60 seconds when Dany dropped in and burnt the fleet. So much build-up, so little payoff.

3). Same with the Golden Company. Here's a breathless article about how they could shift the battle in her favor. ( . Instead of a powerful force that could stand toe-to-toe with the invaders, they were nothing but futile comic relief.

Maybe this was part of the story-telling. Cersei thinking that her position was much stronger than it was, before the full-might of the Mad Queen unleashed #Dracarys

The long-awaited Celgane-bowl finally happened on the stairs of the Red Keep

Quick backstory: Ever since he was a boy, Sandor (The Hound) has hated his brother Gregor (The Mountain), who burnt his little brother by showing his face into the fire. Gregor was killed in Trial By Combat, only to be resurrected as "Zombie Mountain", an unkillable death machine who guarded Cersei. Ok, all caught up?

The Hound and Arya traveled to the Red Keep, but he convinced her to turn back and save herself. Strange that the man who said "I Dont Give a F**K" at least 50 times was one of the most honorable characters on the show.

Hound and Mountain have been on a collision course for several seasons, and the final battle was bloody, merciless...and eventually a tie.

The real turning point for the show (and the entire series) was Dany deciding to rain fire from the sky and burn King's Landing to the ground, killing thousands of innocents in the process.

Granted, she basically spent 8 seasons telling everyone "when i get my dragons, i will reclaim the throne and destroy anything in my path". Still, to see her burn thousands of people as she made her way to the Red Keep was jarring, and seemed out of character for Dany. The 'Breaker of Chains" may have snapped to become "the Mad Queen."

Which leads to the storyline that will fuel the final episode. It's obvious Arya added one more name to her "list", Going back to an earlier criticism... if Arya's ability to swap faces doesn't play a role in the final battle, why did we devote 2 seasons to that storyline? I'm hoping it pays off next week as Arya tries to fulfill her "Green Eyes" prophecy.

Get ready for a gripping final episode next Sunday!

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