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Chilling Facts About Chernobyl That You Didn't See on HBO


The HBO miniseries detailing the accident at Chernobyl has re-ignited interest in the power plant and the lingering effects of the deadly accident. Some facts that didn't make the HBO miniseries include:

1). The 3 "suicide divers" who went into the water tanks to open the drains didn't die from their exposure. In fact, 2 of them are still living today.

2). The actual town of Chernobyl is about 11 miles from the power plant. Pripyat is the nearby town for workers that was featured heavily in the show. There are still a few businesses active in the town of Chernobyl

3). The 'official' death toll from the Russian government is still listed as 31. There have been thousands of deaths since the accident that could be attributed to exposure, but they are not officially considered a part of the accident.

4). The HBO miniseries took creative liberties and created an entire character to represent all the scientists involved in the clean-up, rather than trying to introduce each character separately.

5). The other reactors at Chernobyl continued operating following the accident. The reactors were still producing electricity until a fire in 1991.

6). Remember the helicopter that crashed directly into the reactor building on the show? It actually happened a few weeks after the accident during relief efforts. The pilot clipped a crane, which immediately flipped the helicopter, killing all it's passengers. The helicopter was not trying to put out the fire at the time of crash

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