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Five Easy Ways To Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick This Year


1. Details Matter: When making resolutions, be specific about your goal. For example, "Get to the gym more often" is too vague. Instead, specify how many days a week, what kind of workout you plan to do, and how long each workout should last.

EXAMPLE: I'll workout for 30 minutes, three times each week.

2. Set moderate goals: The best way to maintain motivation is to set a goal that isn’t too easy or too hard, such that it requires effort, but not so much effort as to be discouraging. Also, try to articulate sub-goals, because reaching them will help give you a shot of satisfaction and achievement along the way.

EXAMPLE: Pack my lunch 2 days/week instead of buying lunch in January.

3. Set the start date: We often don’t start our resolutions on January 1, either because we’re sleeping in or because we’re sleeping it off from our night out. Fair enough, but we don’t necessarily start on January 2 either, because we’re waiting for a Monday or for a weekend or for the laundry to be back or for any variety of reasons (some but not all of which are mere excuses).

EXAMPLE: I'll start on Tuesday January 7th so i can prep this weekend

4. Put it in your calendar: You’re probably reading this on your phone or within reach of it, so put in a reminder right now, so you don’t "forget." Entering a resolution start date into our calendar and blocking out the time to engage in it is a great way to strengthen our intention. If you don’t clear time and space for the resolution, it’s unlikely to happen.

5. Anticipate hurdles: If you’re making a resolution, it means the thing you're endeavoring to do isn’t happening naturally. Why not? What gets in the way? What makes you fail to follow through once you start? Make a list of the hurdles you anticipate and figure out how to get around each of them.

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