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PA Farm Show - Here's What's Happening for Tuesday


7:00 a.m.            Scholarship Foundation Breakfast (BH)

8:00 a.m.        Alpaca Show and Demonstration (EA)

                Ag. Ed. Demonstrations – Stick Around…, Wilmington, FFA (LFS)

8:30 a.m.       Ag. Ed. Demonstrations – Goat Soap, Mohawk, FFA (LFS)

9:00 a.m.         Pony Pulling Contest; Heavy, Light and Mediumweight (NHA)

               Pennsylvania Farm Show Scholarship Foundation Awards (SA)

                            4-H Potato Grading and Identification (KCC)

                      Ag. Ed. Demonstrations – Edible Dirt, Derry, FFA (LFS)

               Bunny to Scarf Weaving – Dauphin County Youth Fiber Club (MHS)

9:30 a.m.       Sale of Champions followed by Jr. Livestock Sale (SA)

                Ag. Ed. Demonstrations – Garden Planning for Beginners              , Conocheague FFA (LFS)              

10:00 a.m.      Honey Extraction Demonstration – PA State Beekeepers Association (CCS)

                Ag. Ed. Demonstrations – How to Pasteurize Milk, Conocheague FFA (LFS)

10:30 a.m.          Ag. Ed. Demo. – How to Properly Handle & Provide Preventative Care for your Ducks, Battlefield FFA (LFS)

                               Junior Livestock Sale (SA)

11:00 a.m.       Casey Callahan, Owner, Executive Pastry Chef, Raising the Bar, Harrisburg, PA (CCS)

                               Agri-Magic Show (MHS)

                               Maple Candy – Laura Dengler (LFS)

11:30 a.m.      Rural PA Youth Leading the Way – Tim Heffernan & Zach Wodka (LFS)

12:00 p.m.       John Breth, Executive Chef, Altoona Grand Hotel, Altoona, PA (CCS)

                               Make It and Take It: PA Rocks (MHS)

                               Aquaponics in Action – Commonwealth Charter Academy (LFS)

12:30 p.m.      Decline of the Honeybee – Perry Arlia (LFS)

1:00 p.m.            Barry Crumlich, Executive Chef, the Pennsylvania Governor's Residence, Harrisburg, PA (CCS)

                              What is that Wasically Rabbit – Alec Klinger (LFS)

1:30 p.m.            Horse Pulling Contest; Light and Heavyweight (NHA)

                              Ag. Ed. Demonstrations – Don't Be Tacky When Tackin Up!, Gifford Pinchot FFA (LFS)

2:00 p.m.            Joseph Poon, Master Chef, Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA (CCS)

                Ag. Ed. Demonstrations – The Many Flavors of Butter, Selinsgrove FFA (LFS)

                Propagating Succulents – Wes Gerber, AA Produce (MHS)

2:30 p.m.           Ag. Ed. Demonstrations – Digging In The Dirt, Selinsgrove, FFA (LFS)          

3:00 p.m.            Christian DeLutis, Executive Chef and Owner, Koda, Harrisburg, PA (CCS)

                             Agri-Magic Show (MHS)

                              Ag. Ed. Demonstrations – The Best Kind of Milk – Frozen Please, Selinsgrove FFA (LFS)

3:30 p.m.            Mini Pig Therapy – Sylvia Rishel (LFS)

4:00 p.m.            Chef Instructor Lou Sackett & Students from Dauphin County Technical School (CCS)

                              Pennsylvania's Greatest Whoopie Pie Contest, Sponsored by Good Foods (GFA)

                              Wildlife Leadership Academy – Elizabeth Bruner (LFS)

4:30 p.m.            Aquaponics Sustainable Food Source & Ed. Tool – Crystal Huff, Samantha Johnson, & AgWorks (LFS)

5:00 p.m.            School Cooking Challenge with Students from the Dauphin County Technical School (CCS)             

                              Rabbit 101 – The Bell Family and State Rabbit Royalty (LFS)          

6:00 p.m.            Maple Production Demonstration – PA Maple Syrup Producers (CCS)

                              Horse Shoe Pitching Demonstration and Competition (EA)

                              Industrial Hemp Podcast – Eric Hurlock (LFS)

                              Agri-Magic Show (MHS)

                              Celebrity Rabbit Hop (SA)

6:30 p.m.            Mini Horse Pull (LA)

7:00 p.m.      Black Walnuts: The "New Peanut" – Bill Whipple (MHS)

8:00 p.m.            Goodnight Farm Show – Storytime with Mikayla Hagerty, National Miss Agriculture USA (MHS)


BH         PA Preferred® Banquet Hall

CCC       Crossroads Conference Center

E             East Hall

KCC       Keystone Conference Center

NHA      New Holland Arena

CCS       Culinary Connection Stage

LFS        Lancaster Farming Stage

EL           East Maclay Street Lobby

MHS     Main Hall Stage

SA          Small/Sale Arena

GEX       Giant® Exposition Hall

EA          Equine Arena

EB          Equine Barn

M           Main Hall

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